Eating Healthy

Top Reasons Why You Should Be Juice Cleansing

Are you feeling guilty for that slice of cake that you eat every night before going to sleep? You’d be glad to know that your good health is attributed to the juice cleansing that you have for dinner and that the slice of cake makes it all the more worth it. Several studies have been […]

The Truth behind Juice and Soup Cleansing Diets

Juice cleansing has become very popular these days due to the numerous celebrities and well-known personalities who got hooked to it. Like soup cleansing, juice cleansing lasts typically for three days and promises your diet a reset after. By simply ditching all the high sugar, gluten and dairy products and only going for vegetable soups, […]

Green Juices For Your Health

The true nature of a juice is that it is open for reinvention at any given time. Keep in mind that juice colorings are usually very artificial, but not when you are preparing for any special occasion, you want to make sure that juice coloring are all natural. While adding some fruits and veggies to […]

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