Heart Healthy Foods For You


Eating to your heart’s content may be a bit different from our idea of eating healthy for the heart. In truth, the former usually gives us more trouble than we think. The effect of what we eat may not be something that we feel in an instant, but when we continue to eat unhealthy foods, it is out heart that suffers the most. When eating healthy for the heart, you will have to fill your plate with fruits and veggies and a lot of it. You must pay attention in the fibre content of the foods that you eat.

How do you choose the heart healthy foods? It isn’t as difficult and complicated as it seems. In reality, all that you need to remember is that you need to stay away from processed foods because they contain trans fat and saturated fat that are both very dangerous for the heart. Also, you need to lessen the salt in the foods that you eat. Although there is no one-food that will prevent all the heart problems that you could possibly suffer from, here is a list of heart healthy foods that could bring about great changes.

Heart Healthy Food: Yogurt

Yogurt is known to prevent any form of gum disease. And yet little do people know that a gum disease could lead to a heart problem. Several studies conducted by Japanese researchers say that a daily dose of yogurt helps a lot of adults maintain their healthy gums. More importantly, yogurt also helps strengthen the immune system and improve the flow of the digestive system. As it is fermented, it contains a lot of healthy, natural bacteria. When you choose to consume it regularly, not only can you expect healthy gums, but you can expect a healthy heart too.

Heart Healthy Food: Raisins

Raisins are very rich in antioxidants which help reduce the risk of inflammation that causes various gum diseases. Studies show that people who are suffering or are prone to suffering from gum diseases have a 70% chance of developing a heart problem too. If you deal with the minor gum disease, you can deal with the serious heart condition, even before it develops into a heart problem. Choosing to eat raisings for snacks at moderate servings could help you prevent gum diseases and heart problems too.

Heart Healthy Food: Whole Grains

People who eat whole grains are found to have a leaner physique; thus they have little to no chances of developing a heart condition. Phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and phytosterols are chemicals found in whole grains that help prevent coronary problems. Whole grains also contain a good amount of fibre that helps improve a person’s digestive system, improving his metabolism in the process too. The faster the metabolism rate, the faster it is for the body to burn unwanted fat stored in the body.

Heart Healthy Food: Beans

Older people choose not to eat beans because it could trigger arthritic pain. However, beans are also foods that help put the heart in great shape. For older people, perhaps they simply need to add a small amount of beans in their diet to ensure that they won’t suffer from arthritis and keep a healthy heart in the process too. Contrary to popular belief, beans actually help lessen the bad cholesterol in the body. It also contains soluble fibre that helps bind the cholesterol as it passes through the gut to avoid the body from absorbing the bad fat.

The foods in this list may not be new to you anymore, but adding them little by little into your diet program might just help save you from a wide array of life-threatening diseases, including a heart problem.